Thursday, June 7, 2012

Selesai Sudah

2 June 2012, our house in Puchong host its first wedding ceremony. The other three were held in Kuantan if you may ask. A simple but very merry wedding. Tiring too! Yet still fun thanks to Abang Hisham, Fahada, Aadiyat, Nurul, all the relatives, neighbours and friends for all help given. Not to mention our financier and Cheif D Mission.. Mommy & Daddy as well :)

Even Sorfina and Sahira was all excited for the wedding. This was the first wedding in the family they got to get involoved with so the next will be their dear Maksu Nun's wedding. wonder when that will be. Not too soon i hope. Dik Nun... you reading this?

The wedding preparation started way back in 2011 until the last week and into several stages too.. there were the curtains selections, bridal visit, surveying of caterers, goodies bag, spring cleaning and many more.

I still remember the day we all went curtain hunting. Since Taariq did not have a color theme yet we decided to follow the color that we chose for the curtain.. Boleh tak macam tu? First time in history kot pengantin takde warna pilihan.. No fear.. all the siblings are here! After pointing here there and everywhere, we came to a consensus and finally agreed to go for an english pattern curtain. Imagine..all 14 people pack in a curtain shop giving opinions.. mau tak pening tokey kedai tu.

Then there were the bridal hunting.. this one i did not join because they went on a weekday. Yes, it was during the school holidays but i however to not enjoy that previlege anymore. Sometimes.. i wish i were in the education line.. *sigh*. Anyway, Fahada and Abang Hisham decided that the theme would be emarald green and Taariq agreed.. so that was settled.

Next, we all went to Jakel for our uniforms for the big day. Speaking of Jakel, did you know that we are suppose to pronounce it as 'Jakil' and not 'Jay-kel'? Yup.. it originated from the founders name Mohamad Jakel Ahmad a Johorian that started of with a small business in Muar which then bloom to a Textile Empayar.

Ok, back to the wedding story... Nurul arranged on the Cards, Gifts and made arrangements for the day maid to come to our house several times.. Why? You see, my family loves to keep things... so imagine how many memarable junks we have after living in the same house for more than 15 years. Itu pon after going through the stuffs ada juga barang yang sayang nak dibuang.. sentimental values i guess :)

A day before the wedding, there was another spring cleaning. setting furnitures aside to make way for the Doa Selamat that night. After the ceremony, it was the bridal & canopy team's turn to work their magic.. I didnt realised it took them soooo long sprinkle their fairy dust to some of us ended sleeping after 6 in the morning. The setting looks beautiful or was it because of my blurry eyes.. nope.. the pelamin, table setting and everything else do look pretty.

Alhamdulillah, on the big day, the weather was on our side and in general everything went well.

Some hiccups here and there.. but thats another story all together :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Bacalah! Yes, besides the formal education, we have decided to send Sorfina to learn how to read the Quran. Sorfina can sing the huruf hijaiyah but does not know exactly which is which.

So four nights a week, she will learn IQRA with Ustazah Wan at the nearby mosque. Sorfina have started mengaji last week and Alhamdulillah, so far so good. Up to last night, she can recognize from 'A' up to 'HA'. Keep it up Kakak!

Sorfina practicing while waiting for her turn to read. Next to her is Sahira. She also goes to the mengaji class with us. I bought 2 sets of IQRA and rehal each for Sorfina and Sahira. But Sahira is determine to bring her own bag to the class. Check it out in the below picture.

When asked, 'Kenapa adik bawak turtle, lego dan aeroplane?' Her asnwer was simple. 'Adik nak bagi beg adik berat'. Takpelah dik.. bila tiba masa nanti adik pon sama-sama mengaji dengan kakak ye. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Welcome 2012.. Sorfina's first formal education.

Welcoming 2012 means welcoming a new routine for me and my family. Sorfina will be 5 this year and we have enrolled her into Tabika Kemas (TK). Yup.. my little girl is now entering a new phase in her life. Sahira will be three next month. How time flies right.

Sorfina is very excited to go to school. Meet new friends, learn new things... everything was a breeze except for the morning baths. You see, my husband and i usually goes to work around 6.30 am. Previous years, we just transported them to Kak Siti's house (their babysitter) without the need for Sorfina to take an early bath. On the 1st day of school, i woke her up at 7.00am. (We took 2 weeks leave considering shools starts in the middle of the week and then she have to ponteng for 3 days since we will be in K.Kangsar for Rizal's wedding.. so the new routine have to start all over again). 2nd day onwards, she opt to 'lap' only and bath after school.

On the first day of school, TK held session with parents explaining the rules and regulations, do's & don'ts, objectives, and what nots. It was very helpfull. we were even given homeworks! LOL.. It was part of the teaching aid preparation as each student must have a box with a complete set of ABC's. Two box actually.. i checked her bag last night and there was a piece of papers with numbers. That too must be in a pretty decorated box for Sorfina. It will be kept at school and each student will get his/her own box from the rack when required.

To Sorfina, mama doakan kakak berjaya dunia dan akhirat.. jadi orang yang baik, anak yang solehah dan selalu ingat Allah ye sayang.

The picture below was taken on her first day of school, after the parent teacher session.
Mama nak bayar yuran, Sorfina pulak tak abih2 menggodek beg sekolah dia :)